About Us

Butler Lumber is a small “hardware-and-more” store that has withstood the test of time and the Goliaths of big-box stores and online retailers. While Butler Lumber has just about everything a homeowner, carpenter or modern-day home builder might need, walking through the store is a little like taking a step back in time.

Our success is culture-based and formed from the customer-oriented values of dedicated employees. Our culture is based on quality products, fair prices, excellent customer service, old-fashioned atmosphere, and profound respect for our customers.

Serving is the foundation of our culture and continues after business hours by supporting local charities and organizations. We have embraced opportunities to help our community since we opened in 1938.

Successfully sustaining our business for over 80 years without reliance on glitzy marketing and online shopping tactics is a testament to the power of service excellence and customer loyalty.

Mike Sawvelle, owner since 2019, started working at Butler Lumber in 1987. He started in sales, but in time he did a little bit of everything, with sales his primary focus. Over the years he has developed a talent for telling a good story which goes well with his outgoing personality and easy smile. He has a knack for taking care of customers, understanding their needs, anticipating future needs and offering solid advice on how to get things done.

Butler Lumber, named not for an owner but for its location on Butler Avenue, celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2018. It moved to its current location on Parker Street in 1946-47, and in all there have been three owners prior to Mike. Over the years some different slogans have been part of the Butler identity, including "we’re not big, just better; you can’t beat Butler; for the common and unique." But in the end it comes down to the customers, knowing what they need and how to service them and providing quality products at a fair price.